Family Caregiver Communication

Family Caregiver Communication Tool

The FCCT is a valid and reliable instrument for obtaining information about the frequency, range, and congruence of communication within the patient’s family. It is composed of two subscales: conversation and conformity. The FCCT is a 10-item instrument completed by the primary family caregiver about their communication with family about the patient’s illness and values and beliefs about caregiving. The purpose of FCCT is to conclude a specific caregiver type. [/plethora_headinggroup]

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Health Communication App

This is a smartphone application (app). As an mHealth translation of the COMFORT curriculum, it is designed to provide supportive communication tools for healthcare providers encountering communication challenges with patients, families, and team members. Written at a sixth-grade level, it offers practice suggestions to support healthcare providers. When tested, participants found it easy to use and navigate, indicating they would use the app with patients, families and other team members. A revised version now includes COVID-19 communication resources for providers.

Goldsmith, J., Wittenberg, E., Ferrell, B. (2015). An App to Support Difficult Interactions among Provider, Patient, and Family. Journal of the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology. 6(5), 479-483. doi: 10.6004/jadpro.2015.6.5.8

Communication Guide for Caregivers

Based on the principles of the COMFORT™ ℠ communication curriculum, this guide supports family members of cancer patients, addressing how to communicate with the patient, other family members, family members who are far away, and health care providers. It contains practical examples and words of advice to aid family caregivers in their loved one’s cancer journey. The guide is written at the sixth grade level. It has been tested among family caregivers and was found to be readable, relatable, and easy to understand. Caregivers expressed a need for this material and a desire to have it earlier in the illness course.[/plethora_headinggroup]

Wittenberg, E., Goldsmith, J., Ferrell, B., & Ragan, S. L. (2016). Promoting Improved Family Caregiver Health Literacy: Evaluation of Caregiver Communication Resources. Psycho-Oncology. NIHMSID: 766734

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