We offer a variety of COMFORT™ ℠ Communication courses tailored to specific audiences. A short summary of the curriculum is below.


Communication – This module presents the communication process to understand the patient’s story and to recognize task and relationship practices


Orientation & Options – This module teaches about health-literacy, and how to understand and respect a patient’s/family’s cultural orientation.


Mindful Communication – This module shows how to engage in active listening, understand nonverbal communication, and pay attention to self-care needs.


Family – Families have their own communication patterns. This module teaches how to observe communication patterns within the family and in particular, recognize the caregiver’s communication pattern.


Openings – There are key points in patient/family care where we are given the opportunity to begin important conversations and to find common ground. This module teaches out to look for those openings.


Relating – This module speaks to the fact that patients/families may have multiple goals and that these need to be taken into consideration. It also instructs us how to link care to the quality-of-life domains.


Team – This module illustrates how to develop team processes, cultivate team structures and distinguish successful collaboration from group cohesion.